Combat Multiple Attackers

Martial Arts Classes

Kobudo Combat Martial Arts: ages 13+

Sensei Brooks teaches all martial arts students, personalizing to each's abilities.

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Classes meet from 7:00-8:30pm, Tuesday and Thursday

There are very few fighting scenarios more difficult to deal with than a group of opponents. Training that relies upon your attacker acting in a predictable fashion will not work. The number of variables to keep track of in a fight increases exponentially with each additional attacker. You have to deal with a variety of body types and attack styles, blind angle attacks, and group psychologly. Do you want the first time you are exposed to this expert-level situation to be when you are attacked for real?

Train for Unpredictability

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu prepares you for these difficult situations by teaching you strategies that will help you to manage the chaos of a multi-attacker fight in ways that other martial arts do not. Because we train Comprehensive Self Defense, you learn to deal with attacks from any number of angles, attack types, and environmental situations. You also won't tire out after a few moves, since all our movement is designed to be effortless and efficient. Because our art allows Anyone to Train, you get experience defending against a wide variety of body types and movement responses. And because we train with one of the largest arsenal of Weapons of any martial art, you will always know how to use whatever tools you have available to defend yourself against any number of weapons.

Prepared for Anything

Our training teaches you to counter and evade many different types of attacks from all different angles. You learn to roll, fall, and dive in all directions. You learn to make your movements small or big depending upon the situation. You learn to defend against kicks, punches, holds, chokes, slices, shots, and swings. After learning a basic technique, you are taught to apply the same principles in many different variations (henka). In addition, the same skill is trained with and without weapons against a single or multiple opponents.

All Shapes and Sizes

At the Bujinkan Bushigokoro Dojo, you have a safe environment to learn against a variety of body types and natural responses to the martial arts techniques. The same technique may play out very differently depending upon your attacker. Students are encouraged to train with as many different people as possible to learn how to adjust appropriately.

Strategic Defense

Even though getting attacked by a group of people is less than ideal, we teach strategies to minimize the advantage your opponents' numbers give them. You can even use your opponents against each other both physically and psychologically. At the Bujinkan Bushigokoro Dojo, we teach you how.